Background Screening For Independent Schools: Which Checks Are Appropriate

Background screening of the independent schools are essential or not is a question of debate. But what should be done is the question that remains constant. So, here in this write-up, we will discuss the screening benefits that will help you make an opinion. Before that, first, let’s understand the concept of independent schools or commonly known as private schools. Only a few guidelines are made that you have to follow to run such a school. The discipline and curriculum of the school are different from the one of government schools. So, do they need screening?

What Does Screening Do?

Screening helps you to have an idea about the school’s functioning. You get to know if all the employees are qualified to be a part of it or not.

Along with this, it answers the second question too that is necessary. Yes, of course, it is required. One has the right to know that the place where their kids are going to grow is safe or not. The money they are spending on education is worth investment or not? So, it is essential to grant a license to run a private school, or before admitting the child, it is necessary to have a background screening of these schools. 

So, many cases of kids getting sexually harassed by school staff are no new news. Such incidents make us stand at a point that makes us apprehensive before trusting such an organization. Background checks give you a clear idea if to choose the school for license or not. 

Numerous tests were conducted under background checks. All of them are equally essential, but a few of them should be mandatory.

Those few checks are:-

Employee DBS-

There should be DBS-certified employees with updated information no less than with the gap of 31 days. It should be a thorough check they shouldn’t be involved in any unconstitutional activities. There should be a medical history of teaching staff, especially that they are not consuming drugs or alcohol. That is essential as a teacher is responsible for the development of a child’s overall personality. Therefore their character should also be clean and worthy of being inspired.

Ground staff-

A thorough screening of ground staff is must needed. Mostly complaining of mental, physical, and financial abuse made by children is against them. So, one has to check that all the ground staff members are free from criminal allegations and have a record of at least five years of working at a similar place.


The curriculum should be developmental. It has to have a vision of quality education, not quantity one. It has to be made in such a way that no burden should be reflected on the notebooks.


There should be an owner’s background check too. It has to be clear that they aren’t investing the money earned from unethical means. 

These are some of the checks that have to be done before you provide them with a license. These majors will help the education system to be a safer place for the student. Education quality must be the utmost priority, and the environment should be 

Motivating and inspiring. 

Several organizations are proficient in conducting such screening. They have staff experienced staff to conduct an in-depth investigation to bring out the on-point information about the organization. You can hire them for a background check of such an organization. These also help you save money to spend on hiring people to have a background screening of the schools.

It is said that ‘Precaution is better than prevention. So, it is better than to be sure about the place’s safety and security than to prevent the repercussions later. This screening will help to take measures before and improvise it to make it a better place.

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