How Employment Verifications Can Keep You Out of Trouble?

Do you have concerns related to your employment? Is verification bothering you? Seriously, getting the desired job without any hurdle is not as easy as seems to be. A job seeker faces many ups and downs when he/she is searching for significant jobs, especially in government departments. Firstly, they have to pass many rounds of the personal interview including HR round, technical round, or sometimes, written test. And, then, they have to face the next round that is employment verification: an important step to consider while seeking a position in any organization. In this regard, you must have information about BPSS screening. Get the best solutions to overcome the challenges of employment verification with BPSS Clearance.

Why does employment verification important?

There are significantly high changes of having falsified information in job hunters’ resumes. Not a surprise, many of them gets the job even after sharing the wrong details with organizations. This is where employment verification comes into existence.

According to research, 85% of candidates land to the right job profiles even after sharing wrong information. What if unwanted things happen in the first place due to lack of verification? It is a matter of concern if it comes to handling government jobs or national security. Nobody wants to let anyone handle top secret or confidential information by the suspicious candidate. So, it is essential to go through the complete process before including anyone in your organization. More importantly, you need to understand the significance of employment verification:

  • Through background screening, companies can select the right candidate for their organization and provide a safe environment to other professionals.
  • Sometimes, lack of verification leads to hiring criminal background people in any company who can be dangerous without proper authentication.
  • Proper employment verification makes you confident while adding candidates to your industry and shares your business responsibilities with them.
  • By applying the right background clearance screening in your hiring process, you can save your time and future complications.
  • Take the help of a third party to overlook BPSS clearance and allow the right applicant to your industry.

Employment Verifications: Add layers of security to your recruitment process

Letting anyone handle confidential information of your organization and sit with loyal candidates is the riskiest step. You need to take employment verification seriously if you really want to hire a trustworthy applicant. For that, count the advantage of BPSS background screening so you can make effective recruitment:

  • Through background clearance, you can get the details of the job seeker’s employment history, criminal background, and personal identification. With the complete information of an applicant, you can have a flawless recruitment process without any fear of getting distracted.
  • It is the best way to reduce employee theft. Do you know that stealing information is 15 times (from an employer) more likely by an employee than a non-employee? Using the right way of employee verification, you can save your organization from any kind of theft.
  • Verifying your employees’ background will help to eliminate workplace violence. It is hard to neglect the cases of workplace violence because of disobeyed professionals. Directly and indirectly, it hampers the workflow and progress of any organization.
  • You can avoid unnecessary expenditure using the background clearance process in your hiring process. Paying money to inappropriate candidates and sustain them for a longer duration may sound heavy to your pocket. If a person’s habit does not in line with your company’s atmosphere, your money will go vain. This is because the screening process is time consuming and hectic task. So, take it seriously.
  • One of the most significant reasons for including employment verification in your hiring operations is to lower resume fraud. As you don’t know how much truth is shared by a job hunter’s resume, your negligence could lead to inappropriate recruitment.
  • When you can’t get sufficient reasons to fail a security clearance by any applicant, you may face anti-discrimination laws in the future. When you don’t include any process of background verification in your recruitment, your greater fear of getting sued can change into reality. Here, don’t overlook the million-dollar lawsuits cases of Wal-Mart.


It is suggested to not take the employment verification process lightly. Any disgraceful joining can lead to the biggest loss for your business in terms of money and time. Reduce your stress by taking help from third-party and speed up the background screening process.