2023 Background Screening & Vetting Trend

Background screening is a process of collecting more details about a job seeker and evaluates his/her eligibility for a job opportunity. To make recruitment valuable and more effective, employers figure out different ways to recruit the most eligible candidate in their organizations. It helps them to create a positive environment in their work culture and hire the right applicant. Moreover, the UK government pays more attention to pre-employment screening in order to curb national issues. The process of employment screening properly defines under the concept of the Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS). BPSS check allows mustering complete information of an applicant if he or she is willing to work with the UK government. Through this process, it gets easy to manage issues related to national security. 

How does the surge of COVID change the trend of background screening?

While discussing background screening and vetting, it is impossible to ignore the impact of COVID. The pandemic brings huge changes in our personal as well professional lives. It acts like a roller coaster that creates unstoppable bumps in our lives and still, doesn’t letting us feel tranquility in our living. The impacts of a pandemic on background clearance are clearly visible. It changes the trends of hiring employees in an organization. It also ushers significant changes in the recruitment process and introduces new ways.

Physical screening is not the way of today’s background screening. We need to advance the process of background vetting and make it more productive. Due to the pandemic, online communication is a much stronger and safest mode of making a connection. It forces HR professionals to handle everything digitally. Therefore, for them, it gets really important to know the latest trends in employment screening. 

Current trends in employment screening & vetting in 2023

Screening in employments promotes safe work culture in any organization and also avoids the hiring of undesirable employees. It also reduces the risk of lawsuits. Thus, for employers and recruiters, it is vital to have complete information on fresh developments in the screening process. It will help them to reap the fruitful outcomes of the opportunity and let the right talent work with them. Let’s discuss the latest trend in background screening in 2023:

Remotely hiring of employees

Today’s hiring gives us a tagline “work from anywhere to anyone.”Now, physical location is not an issue for the recruiter as well as for job seekers. Virtual engagement is the new face of recruiting employees, and HR professionals have to manage everything remotely. They are ready to hire candidates with little or no face-to-face communication. However, remote hiring is creating new challenges for employers.

Introduction of artificial intelligence (AI)

The introduction of cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning, AI, and automation makes background screening more trustworthy. Through automation, it gets easy to enhance the quality of recruitment. Though the use of AI in employment screening is in a nascent stage, it powers remote employment progressively. 

Expansion of “Ban the Box” law

Ban the Box law provides a significant opportunity to people with criminal records and lets them show their true qualifications for jobs. It is an effort to offer an equal opportunity to every job seeker on the basis of skills, experience, and strengths. It gets trolled in the pandemic crisis. This law allows UK employers to offer fair chances for candidates and continue to screen them in the recruitment process.

Social media background screening

Evaluating background screening through social media platforms becomes the new step in the employment process. Employers check candidates’ online profiles and their activities to get an idea about their digital personalities. In today’s times, it is hard to imagine people without social media. So, to speed up the virtual background clearance, it is good to have an eye on social media channels and get insights on candidates’ activities. 

More involvement of gig workers

Gig workers represent the class of employees who work online or temporary or contract basis. The employment of gig workers was not the center of attraction till the pandemic situation. In 2023, HR professionals focus on the hiring of gig workers and take their screening and vetting seriously. Although they are not full-time employees, they can create serious risk on organizations’ reputations. For instance, you can count examples of Uber and Lyft of sexual assaults.

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