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Mission: Our only mission is to address the concerns of national security adhering to recognized standards for the pre-employment screening of individuals. We mainly focus on Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS) screening to strengthen the recruitment process.

Our BPSS screening services circumvent the problems associated with documentation for the recruitment process. Anyone who needs access to government assets has to go through the vetting process. Therefore, it is mandatory to follow the BPSS standard while recruiting anyone to your organization to underpin national security. We follow a four-step process to make BPSS security screening less complicated that include:

  • Identity check
  • Screening of employment history
  • National and immigration status or right to work
  • Evaluation of criminal record

Through meticulous and consistent BPSS Screening, we organize the vetting process at Security Check (SC), and Developed Vetting (DV). Using the support of our highly experienced professionals, one can make stress-free document screening. Feel free to contact us to unwrap more details about our BPSS screening services. Scroll down to our web pages to get in-depth knowledge of our services and BPSS check process.

BPSS Clearance

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Risk management tells that an employer does not need to hire someone who finds unsuitable for the opportunity.