Is employment screening required for social care workers?

employment screening required for social care workers
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Employment isn’t that easy as it might look. The employer had to be very specific about what they were recruiting. Sometimes things can get terrible if you make a mistake in hiring the wrong person to the organization. While talking about organizations, some organizations are delicate to handle mishandling. In this category, mostly the threats rotate around the neck of social care organizations. That is the reason that there are strict rules of employment screening. These are the organization that is an easy target for the one who is a thing to plan to ditch or forge. 

Government rules make regulations for the screening of an individual that involves numerous subheads. The most common and compulsory ones are:-

  • Address check
  • The proper qualification that matches the job profile
  • Criminal background
  • Behavioral attitude
  • Character certificate
  • Work experience
  • Work permit

These are some of the headers that are checked while screening. To control such complaints at workplaces, the British government had made section BS7858. Under this section, there should be gaps in screening a person before hiring, and if there are any, it shouldn’t be more than 31days. That shows the importance of pre-employee screening

Now there are queries that there are no such high profile information or records with social work, and then why is the screening a compulsion? There is an answer. Social work is a work of enormous responsibility, and choosing a perfect is even much complicated than it is. So, screening is essential in even social care jobs; It should be framed as ‘yes, it is essential while hiring a social care worker. Along with the reputation, there are people at the stake that none want to take a chance.

Reasons why screening is essential in social care job-

Here are some of the reasons why this screening is needed in such a sensitive job.

  • Screening helps a lot to understand employment. Social work needs a lot of patience and skills to manage the job. According to BS7858, the individual must have five years of experience. 
  • A medical history will elaborate on the conduct of the person. It will highlight the problematic areas like if the person is a drug addict or alcohol or is physically and mentally fit to do justice with the job.
  • A criminal record will warn for the further mishap that could be hiring a criminal in such a sensitive place.
  • The work permit will be the evidence to the authentication of the person eligible to work. It will also certify the nationality and describe the manner the person was dedicated to his job.
  • A confirmation call to the previous organization will certify their work experience as well, as you will have an idea about how the person handles the job stress and responsibilities.

These are some of the reasons that will help you be sure about the noteworthy mention of screening of employees at such a place. Several issues have been brought under the notice regarding the mishandling of people who need care. Because of some irresponsible people, an organization loses its credibility. It takes a lot to generate trust in such an empathy-prone job, but a sec to ruin everything you made. That is the reason that people are very particular about the screening or background check. 

A little bit of hard work while hiring the person can give you a chance to touch the success sky if the person turns to be an asset. With a bit of carelessness, it can just turn the table round.

Sometimes it becomes a cutthroat competition when it comes to choosing the perfect employee. But the job can be pretty hectic. You might need to hire a dedicated team that can help conduct the screening for you. Also, there is another option. Several organizations conduct this screening and provide a certificate that approves or disapproves the person. These have a dedicated staff that helps to gather all vital information regarding the person. They also go into deep research to get an idea about the person’s background. A little bit of research will help you to get the best service providers at affordable rates. They can help you to cut down the technicality of hiring and background checks of the employees.