Which DBS Checks Required for Cabin Crew: Need to Know Everything

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Airlines are one of the most prominent targets for all criminal acclivities. In the middle sky, hundreds of passengers the aviation companies have to be responsible for their safety. Hence, one has to be sure about the authenticity of the aviation company before taking up numerous lives. Aviation companies need to hire wisely. To help you out in such a situation DBS check plays an important role. Disclosure and Barring Service helps to check the employee’s background if they are safe to carry out this essential job role or not. People often have thoughts juggling in their minds regarding this check—numerous myths and facts they want to be sure of.

Here in this article, we will help you with all the details that you have to know about DBS checks. People dream of being a part of a cabin crew and be a part of a magnificent airbus. But are you aware that you have to have your DBS check on point before you apply for the job? So go through the write-up thoroughly and get all the answers that DBS was haunting your mind. 

What is DBS Check?

Complete background verification is done in this check. You have to submit your work experience and record of the countries you stayed in for six months in the past five years. Along with this, you have to submit your work experience and work permit. These are the things that you have to submit. But there is much more in this procedure. There are three types of DBS checks:-

  • Basic check– Usually, address, criminal record, and work-related checks are made.
  • Standard check– A much detailed version of these things is done.
  • Enhanced check– Along with the topics mentioned above, a deep check is made to the resident and police if they have to give any information.

These three vary based on the intensity of the investigation. They investigate the conduct of the person in the previous job. You are also investigated if you are eligible for handling older people, kids, and adults. This certificate helps you qualify for the job. These checks are mandatory and should be done by every aviation organization to get to know that they are not hiring any trouble for the airbus. 

Taking care of all the age groups in an airbus isn’t that easy. That is why employees should have all the related training certificates and educational qualifications necessary for the job profile.

Usually, the company might conduct the DBS check of the applied employee. Also, they hire organizations that are proficient in doing the check. They have efficient staff to check and investigate the individual. Also, this is the routine now mandatory while hiring for aviation cabin crew. Choosing a DBS check is much easier to record such employees, and the best part is it is updated online. So, you don’t have to carry the pile of papers while filing your employment. 

DBS check is not an examination to be scared of. You have to be honest towards your work, and the conduct and behavior towards your organization should be appropriate. If these things are on point, you have to care about your background verification check.

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