Background Screening for Actors and Supporting Artists: A to Z Information

Background Screening for Actors and Supporting Artists

Actors are a significant part of our lives. They are the hero who inspires us on the big screen. The glamorous world of the acting industry inspires numerous people in daily life to be the one. The ones for whom the audience will applaud, flashlights or journalist’s cameras and fans running for autographs and selfies. But acting is not sub-lined under auditions and campaigns but a lot more than that. So, if you want to know all about the procedure and screening of being a supporting actor, you are on the right page. We will introduce to all nits and bits of screening and background checks. You will also get to know about BPSS and its role in this background screening. 

Along with your portfolio and picture, you need to carry certain things that will help you to clear the audience. Before just creating a list of checks and screenings, there are few things that you need to know. The first thing that you need to know is BPSS.

What is BPSS?

Baseline Personnel Security Standards is a commission with specific rules and regulations that helps you to be secure while hiring the staff of fields like communications, energy, and the financial sector. That enables you to be safe from getting forge, bluffed, or hiring illegal worker staff. That runs under government authorities and is authentic and authorized to conduct such screening and background checks. That involves a lot of checks, and we are discussing them further. There are three types of BPSS screening

Basic- the one you have to check address proves ID, work permit, such basic checks.

Standard- the one that has detailed information about the applicant like any trials or convictions filed against the applicant or not. 

Enhanced- those will have all the details as the standards but will have an inquiry from local police if anything remains unnoticed.

Usually, actors are eligible for a basic screening level until they are involved in some other work apart from acting. If they are into some guidance or dealing with child artists, they are eligible for an enhanced screening level.

Here are the list of checks and screening of the actor; let’s start:-

Address Proofs-

You have to present your address proof before you apply for that acting schedule. You have to give detailed information of both the residence if there are two. The first one should be where you belong, and the second one should be the current one. It helps you to identify the illegal workers and enables you to understand their persona. 

Criminal records-

There should be no records or convictions against applicants. You need to check the background primarily related to illegal work, forgery, or any serious crime. That will help you to hire good and responsible actors. That is the one that lies mandatory according to BPSS.

Sexual harassment-

That is the offence reported mainly by the co-actors and other such employees if you choose a misfit in the team. Hence before hiring them, you need to get the information regarding these offences of the applicant. 

These are some measures based on which you have to conduct the background screening of actors. These are for your benefit and will provide a safe working environment and protect you from illegal activities. 

Some organizations are getting hired for such screening. They have a staff specializing in investigating individuals that confirms that an individual is not a cheat.